As a general rule on the internet, do not post any images on any websites that you would not feel comfortable being seen elsewhere.

Copyright piracy is a never ending problem and Microminimus is not immune to the issue.
If people want to steal images from MM and share them elsewhere they will find a way around whatever we do.

Microminimus watermarks every image that is processed through our system so that if an image is stolen at least the source of the image is known.
For added safety, we remove identifying information from the metadata possibly contained in your uploaded images.


Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

The DMCA is a legal framework copyright owners & rights holders can use to order an infringing website to remove stolen copyright material (i.e. your images) from their servers. It would be good practice to make yourself aware of what powers you have with the DMCA by reading over these resources:


DMCA Takedown Notices

Microminimus has spent countless hours serving DMCA Takedown Notices to offending sites based on information provided by Contributors and vigilant Community members. 
The hardest thing about having images removed from an offending website is knowing who to contact and how to order them to remove the images from their servers. 
With much research & community feedback, we've built an effective system that enables Contributors to serve an official DMCA Takedown Notice directly to site hosting your stolen images in less than 1 minute.
This system is maintained by Microminimus for the benefit of Contributors. It may be used to serve an official DMCA Takedown Notice to any site for any of images stolen from anywhere.

New offending sites not listed in the DMCA Takedown Notice form we will research and include for others' benefit.

Serve an official DMCA Takedown Notice.