Being part of the MM Community means behaving in a manner acceptable to other members and not acting in a way that would cause offense.

As a community, disagreements are part of everyday life and healthy respectful discussion is encouraged. 
We do take the issue of online abuse very seriously and have a Zero-Tolerance approach to members who act maliciously towards another member.



MMMembers can flag any comment or reply they find inappropriate. Flags alert MMModerators to content that may be causing offense in the community.
A Moderator will review the flagged content to determine if it falls outside the Community Guidelines, at which time the appropriate action will be taken.


MMMembers may also choose to block another member they find offensive, removing any ability for that member to interact with you. 
If you have received an inappropriate private or chat message from another member, you may click on the ‘Block User’ icon next to the name of whom the Message is from. You may also block a member from comments made on your profile or within forums, by hovering over the bottom right-hand corner of the comment and clicking on the ‘Block’ icon.  You may decide to Unblock a user from your Profile (top-right corner). 

To 'unblock' a blocked member, log in Microminimus and remove the blocked members here.



Members who are repeatedly Flagged or Blocked will have their entire account reviewed by MMModerators. 
Offenders may receive a warning, suspension or termination depending on the outcome of the investigation.



SPAM is not tolerated on MM. Please report SPAM or any other unsolicited intrusive or abusive private messages to support and we will investigate.



Please do email us at with a link, screenshot or a detailed account of any abuse so we can follow up. 
All matters raised will be held in strict confidence and you are welcome to remain anonymous.