Every few weeks on Microminimus we hold new photographic competitions with a particular theme.
Fantastic prizes are on offer and are specified in the description of each competition.

Check HERE to see if we have any current competitions.

Entering MM Photo Competitions

All competitions on Microminimus will have a distinct theme and set of rules you must follow to have your picture accepted. Please read these rules carefully before entering any competition.

Competitions are open for entries for a period of time (usually a few weeks) and then open for voting only, for a further week.

Please note, dates are always shown in UTC.


Voting in MM Photo Competitions

  • For the entirety of a competition, you are able to vote on as many entries as you like.
  • Members can only vote on an entry once. If you vote again on the same entry your previous vote will be replaced with your most recent vote.
  • You cannot vote in a competition that you have entered. If you voted in the competition before entering, your votes are removed after you submit a photo in the comp.


MM Photo Competition Winner Prizes

Each competition has it's own prize values which are determined when the competition is being created by MM Staff.
There are two types of prizes given out - Community Voted prizes & MM Staff Voted prizes.

  1. Community Voted prizes are calculated from all member cast votes.
    Each competition has a tiered prize schedule and multiple winners per tier.
    If two pictures have the same average star rating, the one with the most will win.

  2. Staff Prizes are selected, of course, by Microminimus & Wicked Weasel staff.
    To be eligible for staff’s choice prizes, an entrant must be a BFL Promo Model.




Submit a story or poem about Wicked Weasel. If we like it, we will publish it and reward you with some Wallet Credits.
The wallet credits can be used to tip qualifying members or transferred to your tip jar to spend at Wicked Weasel.
Read the latest stories HERE

All written material must be tasteful. No explicit, graphic descriptions. Stories may be edited before being accepted.