The MM Groups feature is a fantastic way to find others on the site with interests similar to yourself.  You can search for and join an existing group or create your own.

There are 3 types of Groups on Microminimus

  1. Fan Groups
    Groups for Members to appreciate a particular Contributor.

  2. Location Groups 
    Groups for people from a particular location – great to meet people near you, or in a place you’re planning to visit. 

  3. Interest Groups
    Groups for any shared interest you can think of that would bring members together.

Public Groups : All MMMembers can join the group and contribute to the discussion.

Private Groups: All MMMembers must request to be part of the group, it is the role of the group admins to accept/reject group requests.



Anyone may start a group either private or public. You may create & maintain a maximum of 5 groups simultaneously.

To create a new Group just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Groups page and click ‘Start a New Group’.

  2. Fill in the form giving your group a meaningful name and description.

  3. Specify the Group type.

  4. Specify if the Group is to be Public or Private.

  5. Select a thumbnail for your group (The thumbnail must adhere to all other picture guidelines on the site)

  6. Invite some MMMembers to your Group by typing in their Screen Name.

  7. Click CREATE and you're done!



As an admin of the Group you can send a Private Group Message to all Members of the group using the link at the top left.

To make changes to your group click the ‘edit group’ button. In the edit group section you can:

  • Transfer ownership
    If you no longer wish to be the owner of the group you created you can transfer the ownership to another member. Simply click ‘Transfer ownership’ while editing your group and type in the screen name of the new owner.

  • Add a new Admin
    If you want some help in managing the group you can invite others to join you as an admin of the group. Click ’edit admins’ and type the screen name of the member/s you wish to have as admin.

  • Change your group name, description, type or thumbnail pic.

  • Switch the public/private setting.

  • Invite new members to your group.

  • Remove members from your group – If a member is causing problems within your group you can remove them here.



Within a Groupyou can type messages for other members of your group to read.You may like to share a link to your favorite galleries for discussion or communicate with other members withinthe group.


Group Members have the choice to receive notifications of activity within the group. If you do not want to receive notifications of group activity you can edit your notification settings in your Profile dashboard.



Members must abide by the Community Guidelines at all times and refrain from writing anything that would cause offense to other Members.

Posting of links to off-site galleries, dropboxes, wishlists, or anything that would not be suitable to post within the Microminimus Community is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Moderators periodically scan Group Activity and will suspend Groups, Group Admins or Members taking part in such activity.



MMMembers can flag any comment or reply they find inappropriate. 
A Moderator will review the comment to determine if it falls outside the Community Guidelines, at which time the appropriate action will be taken.

MMMembers may also choose to block another member they find offensive. This will remove any ability for that member to interact with you.

Members who are repeatedly Flagged or Blocked will have their entire account reviewed by MMModerators. 
Offenders may receive a warning, suspension or termination depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Please visit HERE for more information.