Lots of action takes place in the MM Forums. Members interact with each other on a range of topics from  WW Products, Locations, Photography and also the  General Discussion.

Members are encouraged to add their thoughts to an ongoing thread or create a new topic of discussion.


To create a new topic for discussion, go to the Forums section the appropriate Forum Category. Then you click on ‘Add new topic’ at the top-right corner.

Please add a Topic Title & Description and create your new Forum.

Note: MMModerators will enable your topic providing it meets the Community Guidelines



To interact on a forum topic you may either add a new comment or reply to another members comment.

To add a new comment, type in the ‘New Post’ box at the bottom of the page followed by the “Post” button.

To add a reply to another member's comment, hover the mouse over the bottom right-hand side of the original comment and click on the ‘Reply’ envelope icon. You may then type in your comment followed by the ‘Reply” button.


MMMembers can flag any comment or reply they find inappropriate. 
A Moderator will review the comment to determine if it falls outside the Community Guidelines, at which time the appropriate action will be taken.

MMMembers may also choose to block another member they find offensive. This will remove any ability for that member to interact with you.

Members who are repeatedly Flagged or Blocked will have their entire account reviewed by MMModerators. 
Offenders may receive a warning, suspension or termination depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Please visit HERE for more information.