For New Contributors it is highly recommended that you read the Contributors Guide

Contributor Galleries are the best & most popular feature of Microminimus.

Any Member can upload an image gallery of a female model wearing Wicked Weasel apparel. 
The submitted gallery will be Moderated (reviewed) by MM Moderators to ensure the images meet our Guidelines & Rules (below) before appearing live on Microminimus.

Members are encouraged to view, comment on and Tip Contributors in gratitude for their contribution. 

Some Contributors have posted more than 100 galleries which really is a huge achievement.
As of March 2018, we have in excess of 44,500 active galleries and we're closing in on 1,100,000 contributed images!



Please follow these general Guidelines when considering your own Gallery Contribution.

  • Microminimus is a non-nude lifestyle community & image sharing platform hosted in the fun, happy Wicked Weasel tradition.

  • Galleries of Models having fun, wearing Wicked Weasel BIKINIS in PUBLIC are most favored by Moderators. 

  • Galleries with a range of poses that are not repetitive, are well lit & properly focussed are highly regarded by Moderators.
  • Compose your shots well and place emphasis on properly worn items in context with the surroundings.

  • Some artistic nudity is permitted in CONTEXT of the Wicked Weasel lifestyle. Don't get too racy please.

  • Don't do any heavy editing that would detract from the original, natural beauty of the model.

  • Topless bathing in a swimming environment is acceptable provided the images show some progression and are not repetitive.

  • Galleries with cropped heads will not be published.

  • Check out our Wicked Weasel Model Galleries - this is exactly the style of shots we love in the Community.



Uploading a new gallery to Microminimus is a simple process 

  • Click ‘upload photos’ in your Dashboard navigation

  • Create a New Gallery container for your images by giving it a catchy name and descriptive introduction.

  • Proceed to upload your images.
    A minimum of 10 images in JPEG between 100kb to 10mb in file size are required to have a gallery approved.  You may return later and add more images if you wish.

  • Once the images are uploaded, they will be PROCESSED by the system before being sent to Moderation.
    Processing may take some time. You may close the window here and you'll receive a notification once your Gallery has been Approved
  • BFL Promo Models can enter images to the weekly Wicked Weasel Bikini Comp directly from the Gallery Upload screen.


Galleries are reviewed by Moderators who will consider each image in context with the Posting Rules & Contributor Gallery Guidelines.  

  • Moderation of your gallery will typically take a few hours. 
    Moderators work during our business hours of 9am - 5pm Australian Eastern time, Monday - Saturday.

  • You will receive a notification once your gallery has been approved.
  • You can view and read comments left by Members in your Profile Galleries tab.
  • Galleries recommended by Moderators will appear in the New Galleries page first whilst not-recommended galleries (galleries that do not abide by the guidelines or border on breaking the rules) will display when the "Show All" filter is applied.

  • Images & whole Galleries that break the rules will be rejected outright.

  • Galleries considered excellent by Moderators  (i.e. meeting all guidelines, not breaking any rules) MAY be featured on the Microminimus Homepage and will receive the most visibility to Members. It is the moderator's discretion to choose a different cover photo for Featured galleries. 



  • Navigate to your Gallery Manager in the Dashboard Menu
  • EDIT the gallery you wish.
    • You may select an alternate Cover Image, update the Title and Intro Text, add or delete photos.
      These edits will require your gallery to be re-moderated. New Images will result in your Gallery appearing on the UPDATED GALLERIES page

    • You may re-order your gallery and add Product / Theme & Setting tags without requiring re-moderation.



You may disable any of your galleries to prevent anyone from accessing them but yourself. Simply Visit your Gallery Manager and Disable those galleries.

If you wish to delete a gallery please click Edit and then hit the red Delete button. Note there will be a short delay whilst your images are removed from the servers. If you wish to delete all your galleries at once, please contact so we can do it in a batch for you.



  • DO NOT post graphic closeups, open leg shots or anything that could be construed as pornography.

  • Don't post poorly lit "noisy" (high ISO) photos shot at night, they will be rejected.

  • Blurry images will be rejected except if the blur adds to the artistic integrity of the image.

  • Galleries of largely anonymous closeups or just torso shots will be rejected.

  • Photos with watermarks or time stamps may be rejected.

  • Do not re-post photos that have been posted elsewhere on the Internet.

  • Galleries with too much repetition will be rejected.

  • Males wearing WW apparel (or any other brand of knickers or bikinis) will certainly be rejected and offenders risk being banned from the community.

  • Absolutely no minors may appear in any part of any photo.

  • Tasteful erotic imagary is acceptable but pornographic style photos WILL be deleted. No sexual activity, real or simulated.

  • No photos of solo males.

  • All Models must be at least 18 years of age.


A message from the Moderators :

  • Members should focus solely on their own contributions meeting the Contributor Gallery Guidelines and not breaking the Rules.
  • Each Gallery is judged as a whole on its own merits.
  • Galleries may be edited (images removed or rearranged) by Moderators in order to be published. 
  • Galleries that are materially in breach of the Gallery Posting Rules will be deleted.
  • Moderators will not discuss comparisons with other Contributor's photos.
  • Members who make disparaging comments about the moderators, company, staff or the moderation process will be issued a warning or suspension.

By submitting material to Microminimus members agree to be bound by the Gallery Posting Rules and their interpretation by Wicked Weasel staff.