Commenting on Galleries, Forums or within Groups is a great way to get to know other members within the Microminimus community.

Please respect all members and keep comments civil and in the spirit of the Microminimus Community.

  • No requesting or offering nude or explicit photos in profile, gallery, forum or group comments / descriptions.
  • No soliciting tips in profile, gallery, forum or group comments / descriptions.
  • Requesting money for photos or services will result in instant suspension.
  • Private messaging should be used for explicit or critical comments and discussions.
  • Publicly criticising of Microminimus Staff, Moderators and the Moderation process (otherwise known as Mod-bashing) is not tolerated.
    If you have an issue with Microminimus please contact and allow us the opportunity to carefully review your grievance. 


  • Comments load when your browser loads the bottom of the page. If you’re not seeing any comments, try scrolling to the bottom of the page to trigger them to load.
  • You will see new comments made on a page immediately, but if you leave that page and return the browser will load a stored version of that page. It takes approximately 5 minutes for new comments to appear.



MMMembers can flag any comment or reply they find inappropriate. 
A Moderator will review the comment to determine if it falls outside the Community Guidelines, at which time the appropriate action will be taken.

MMMembers may also choose to block another member they find offensive. This will remove any ability for that member to interact with you.

Members who are repeatedly Flagged or Blocked will have their entire account reviewed by MMModerators. 
Offenders may receive a warning, suspension or termination depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Please visit HERE for more information.