Basically, BFL Promo Models receive additional ongoing tips to spend on brand spankin' new Wicked Weasel bikinis. 

In exchange, we actively promote Microminimus membership across the web using small samples of photos posted by BFL Promo Models.

Also, a LIMITED preview of your MM profile will feature in our Preview Pages to stimulate subscriptions to Microminimus.

BFL Program benefits

  • Recurring monthly promo fee
    $5 from every new membership or renewal will be allocated to our Microminimus Promotions account.
    Each month 60% of available promo account funds will be equally split between all promo girls.
    This small ‘dividend’ style payment is our way to thank every BFL Promo Model for contributing their photos. 
  • Eligibility to receive Staff Tips, Prizes and more!
    The balance of funds (40%) will be allocated as follows:
    • Daily Covergirl prizes.
    • Staff picks in competitions.
    • Staff tips for exceptional galleries.
    • Additional fees appearing in one-off MM Promotions.
    • Additional fees for wallpaper features
    • Advertising Microminimus on external sites to encourage more subscriptions and ultimately give Promo Models higher Fees


To be part of Bikinis for Life and share in the benefits, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Get out there and take some hot/fun/sexy pics of you in your WW gear!

  2. Upload your pics into a Microminimus gallery

  3. When you have 3 recommended galleries you will get an application checkbox on your Profile page – check that box!

  4. As soon as WW staff approve you as a ‘BFL Promo Model’ you'll start to see funds trickle into your personal Tip Jar.

Please note, the BFL Program is only open to Contributing models, Photographers are not eligible sorry.