Microminimus (MM) is a vibrant, exciting lifestyle community &  image sharing platform maintained for micro-bikini lovers & enthusiasts of the Wicked Weasel brand. We are the Number 1 Bikini Lovers Community on the Internet.

There are two types of participants in the MM Community - Members & Contributors.
All participants are Members and some Members are Contributors.
To be classed as a Contributor you must have shared at least one Gallery to the community. 

NOTE: Content on Microminimus is typically considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work) so be aware of who's looking over your shoulder while browsing MM.


Core Interactions - What can you do on Microminimus?

Everyone can:

  • Create a personal profile so Community Members can find out a little about you.

  • Connect & engage with Contributors & other Members in the Community via Forums, Groups and directly via Chat & Private Messages

  • View more than 1.1 million images spread across 45,000+ Contributor Galleries (as counted at March 2019) 

  • Check out nearly 2 decades worth of  WW Contributor Archive & WW Model Archive image galleries.

  • Contribute image galleries of yourself / partner / friend (with permission of course!) wearing WW Apparel to share with other Members.

  • Participate in the Community economy and help your favorite Contributors obtain free WW bikinis by tipping them with purchased Wallet Credit.

  • Create a Collections & Wish Lists of Wicked Weasel products.

Contributors can:

What Microminimus is NOT.

Microminimus is NOT a porn site, we do not accept or publish images that could be construed as pornographic and we explicitly prohibit the sharing of content hosted on porn sites or your own pornography on file-sharing platforms.

Microminimus is NOT a place for people to abuse, harass, badger or spam other Members & Contributors. We take the integrity of our Community very seriously. This kind of activity is strictly prohibited and we have no problem suspending or banning people partaking in such activity.